Something profound has been happening. Over the last two decades, I have had numerous conversations with people working in a vast array of “secular” jobs that want to do more with their lives because of the gospel. In the last several years, the number of these conversations is increasing. This is also clear with a marked increase in the number of blog posts, websites, books, and even conferences on topics such as work and faith as well as business as mission.

People want to make their days on earth count for something greater than pulling down a paycheck while making widgets, delivering a service, bringing organization or providing leadership to a business. Often, these conversations start with an individual’s consideration of quitting their job to get into a more spiritually worthwhile opportunity. Non-profit endeavors and paid ministry positions are common discussion points. Though I encourage obedience to the Holy Spirit, I also frequently urge people to stay in their present situation until God clearly leads them away from it. This is because a growing number of men and women are finding opportunities to live and convey the gospel in their vocation. They are already working in spaces where the gospel needs to go forward.

If the gospel only has robust relevance and transference where incorporated into a non-profit initiative or full-time ministry role, then it would be something completely different than good news. Instead, it would be a high-demand, low-yield, minimal-benefit set of rules to live by. It would be a venture with little to possibly even negative return on investment. But that’s not the gospel as I see it at all.

We experience a gospel of transformation as seen in the lives of Zacchaeus and Matthew. It is a gospel of profound depth as recorded by Paul in Ephesians. It is a viral gospel with return that is 30, 60, and even 100 times the seed or life that was planted. It is the good news that changed the lives of Lydia the boutique operator, Luke the physician, and even a Pharisee like Nicodemus.

We at The Upstream Collective are hearing and participating in the conversation about work and faith, about vocation and the gospel. As part of an on-going effort to help release the whole church to live as the people of God, we are thankful for the privilege to hold out RE-VOCATION. May it be a blessing to you and others like you that are compelled to meet with others to seek to faithfully live out the gospel in and through the workplace. May your tribe increase!