FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

RE-VOCATION is an initiative to help release the lay people of the church to live out the gospel throughout the week. It is a collection of groups of people that are seeking to encourage and challenge each other to live out the good news in the workplace. It is a collection of resources designed to help bring to reality in some way “on earth as it is in heaven.” As a part of the growing work and faith conversation, RE-VOCATION seeks to provide practical ways for gifted, ordinary people to live on purpose while remaining in the vocation where God has placed them.
In addition to informal fellowshipping and networking that happens naturally, there are four parts to a gathering: Quick Idea; Tribal Discussion; Everyday Stories; and a Blessed Return. Each of these parts are explained in more detail accompanied with necessary resources on the private side of the site.
In concept, RE-VOCATION was put together to facilitate monthly gatherings. Though the initiative is still in beta form, this format appears to be working. Some leaders, however, are looking to have groups meet more often including weekly gatherings. While this is acceptable, we provide two cautionary notes in regard to more frequent gatherings. First, materials for the quick idea are still being developed and made available. Delaying start of these groups until close to the end of 2013 would allow there to be a sufficient amount of material to make this frequency viable. Second, the goal of the gatherings is to see positive change because of the gospel among group members in all areas of their lives especially in their vocation. If people are living out new and better stories and able to communicate those with the group then more frequent meetings will be positive as well.
In short, yes and no. Some churches are looking to make this available for their business leaders. These groups are likely to include only or mostly people that are from their church community. We encourage this type of gathering where the church is functioning or at least thinking as the sent and sending church.

In other situations, leaders are calling together Christ-followers in their marketplace sphere of influence. This leads to people from different churches meeting together in a RE-VOCATION group. This city-wide expression of the church is a beautiful thing. We encourage this and would advise leaders to go back to the pastors and elders in their local church expression to share with them the ways they are living out the gospel through their vocation. Where lay leaders can influence church leaders to be the sent and sending church this is a leveraged benefit.

Whether a group originates within one local church or with people from multiple church expressions, there is value to meeting somewhere outside of the church campus. Meeting in a business conference room, break room, restaurant, coffee shop, or in a home helps convey a key meta-message. Christ followers are the church living out the gospel outside of the place where the church normally gathers.

If there is an open group(s) in your city, we will be happy to introduce you to the leader(s) to see if there is a good match. Where there are no groups, you are welcome to take the initiative to help start one. We’ll help you along the way.
There is no cost to utilize RE-VOCATION resources. We do, however, ask those that are profoundly impacted to “pay it forward” so that we can continue to help others in similar ways. The opportunity to help advance RE-VOCATION through a financial donation is possible on the private side of the site. Contributions to a 501(c)(3) are tax-deductible.
RE-VOCATION is for Christ-followers that are employed in a vocation other than ministry. While the primary audience is business persons of all sorts, it exists for people in all of the non-religious domains of society.
Ideal group size can vary from 2 to 15. Healthy groups are likely to attract new people that are seeking to connect with other like-minded people committed to making a difference. When these groups get into the 12 to 15 range, we encourage groups to birth a daughter group or two.

Where there are multiple groups in a city, we encourage the groups to have a larger gathering every 3 or 6 months. Spending time fellowshipping and sharing everyday stories during these large gatherings will help to continue to encourage each other and lead people to consider making positive changes in obedience to the gospel.

If you already participate with a like-minded, vocation-oriented group, but would like to utilize RE-VOCATION resources in your gatherings, permission granted. We are more concerned about facilitating change in light of the gospel than we are about developing a brand. We would like to ask you to share your group information on the map located on the private side of the site (once it is up and working) so others can be encouraged that they are part of something larger. However, we are not asking groups whether existing or new to use only the RE-VOCATION name or resources.