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RE-VOCATION is an initiative of The Upstream Collective. Upstream exists to help churches think and act like a missionary. Upstream works toward this end through an array of creative endeavors. One other Upstream endeavor of note in this context is the Skybridge Community. It was started and continues to help release marketplace professionals (and students) to be aware of and participating in the mission of God among the nations.

Seeing a need for the others of the church to have a way to re-examine what living in light of the gospel in all areas of life including vocation, some Upstream leaders began talking with marketplace professionals about the need for a new initiative. With strong affirmation from marketplace individuals as well as church leaders across the U.S., the project moved forward. RE-VOCATION launched in May of 2013.

RE-VOCATION is being facilitated by a couple of Upstream personalities, Wade Stephens and Larry McCrary. Helped by a number of marketplace professionals, RE-VOCATION is launching out with beta groups forming in several key cities at this time.